NRI, PIO or OCI open a Demat & Bank Account in India
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Are you an Indian living abroad who is looking to open a Trading + Demat Account in India?

We offer investing services for Indians living abroad:

NRIs - Non Resident Indians
PIOs - Person of India Origin
OCIs - Overseas Citizen of India

So what is a Demat Account? A Demat is just a shortened way of saying Dematerialized account. A Demat account is a personal account for purchasing and selling stocks. Some say it is similar to a savings account that you open with a bank. A savings account holds your money electronically and a dmat account holds your stocks electronically. If you are looking to purchase and sell stocks, then it is mandatory to open up a demat account. When you want to open a Demat account, you need to go to a DP (depository participant). All of the purchases and sells of stocks that you make will show in you demat account and the DP will give you statements showing all of these transactions.

Once you setup your Demat + Trading account in India, then you can approach any broker to learn trading in Indian shares online. 

Learn to Trade Stocks like a Pro..!!

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Open a Demat Account in India

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