Attention NRI, PIO & OCI...!!

  Indian IT PAN Card now Compulsory...

What is a PAN Card?

The full form of PAN is
Permanent Account Number which is nothing but a a ten-digit alphanumeric number that is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department to resident Indians and NRI, PIO and OCI living at a foreign address. This PAN is issued these days in a form of a laminated card that bears the applicants photograph. The Govt of India has made it compulsory to quote PAN on return of income & in all other documents that pertain to investment related transactions.

Why Non resident Indians need Income Tax PAN Card?

Permanent Account Number or a PAN Card is now mandatory not even for resident Indians but also for: NRI, PIO & OCI. It not only serves as Indian ID proof but its now also mandatory if one needs to conduct any kind of financial transaction, investing in Indian Stocks, buying bonds, purchase Indian insurance, opening up of a Demat account in India, purchase real estate property in India, open a bank account, etc.

We assist the following clients to apply for a Indian PAN Number:

NRIs - Non Resident Indians
PIOs - Person of India Origin
OCIs - Overseas Citizen of India



Apply for a PAN Card in India

You hold: Indian Passport.
OCI Card & Foreign Passport.
PIO Card & Foreign Passport.
Foreign Passport Only.
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