Why Invest in INDIA?

has exceedingly growing economically. The country has been working on the economy for the past twenty years and is now, one of the most rapidly growing countries on the globe. All of the services of India have been growing as well. Indian companies have been creating exceptionally modernized goods and products for less money. Along with all this, Indian share prices are booming as well. Stocks in all categories have been rising up.

It is also a good time to focus on the Indian financial markets. Stock Market
sector in India seems to be well positioned to withstand the global credit crisis. The Indian banks are much more stable and well cushioned than its counterparts due to strict Government regulations which can be reflected in high capital adequacy norms, lower leverage and relatively higher liquidity reserve requirement. Thus, the financial sector would act as a catalyst and be the major beneficiary of economic recovery, taking advantage of aggressive cuts in key lending rates, decrease in bond yields and lower than expected non performing assets.

is only looking up economically and politically. Although India is doing well in all of these areas, Indian stocks & Mutual funds of India are having trouble. A rupee is very low compared to a U.S. dollar. Therefore, stock exchanges in India are doing poorly because of this. With all of this, as an individual, when you invest in India, you will not be greatly affected by this.

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